Don Caldwell | Producer

Don Caldwell was born and raised in West Texas. In 1971, he established Don Caldwell Recording Studios in Lubbock. Besides being an accomplished saxophonist, he is widely respected for his production of musical events like Lubbock's "4th On Broadway", "Lights On Broadway", "The Buddy Holly Music Festival", "Lubbock Centennial Celebrations" and many other Texas events.  In 1993, Don established a corporation to purchase and renovate Lubbock's historic Cactus Theater. He currently is the CEO of Caldwell Entertainment where he produces the infinitely talented music community of West Texas. His dream is to help Lubbock become a major entertainment center in Texas. Don is married to the love of his life Terri and they are blessed with three kids, a daughter in law, Ryan and a granddaughter, Charlie.