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Soft Side of the '70s: Unforgettable Pop-Rock Classics

As the second generation of rock 'n' roll performers was coming of age and the 1970s began to unfold, a new sound began to emerge from stereo speakers worldwide:  the unforgettable, mellow sound of what came to be called Soft Rock.  

Songsmiths ranging from Elton John to Carole King to James Taylor crafted moods in song that touched millions of listeners in a way that popular music had not done previously.  From flamboyant storytellers to introspective writers - all had something to say in a way that connected the heart and soul.

Join the Rhythm Machine and our incredibly talented Cactus vocalists for an evening of pure musical mastery as we revisit some of the greatest soft-rock hits ever recorded.  This is a memory-filled evening not to be missed!

Reserved floor seats $20; standard balcony seating only $15 for this ALL NEW Cactus Theater production.