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Eric Johnson: An Evening of Acoustic Guitar & Piano

Thirty years after the release of his breakthrough album, Tones, guitar legend Eric Johnson is releasing his first all-acoustic solo effort, aptly titled EJ.

Long known for his painstaking approach to making records, Johnson took a more immediate approach for EJwhich was recently released on October 7. Most of the material was cut live in the studio, with some songs even being sung and played at the same time. The result is an album packed with honest realism and organic emotion.

"It’s another side of me that I’ve always dabbled in but never really presented in my records or career. Usually, you’re out doing your thing and get known for something that becomes your main deal and you just go with it. Meanwhile, I’ll be sitting at home in my studio just doing what I enjoy. At some point, I decided to put things out and see what happens."  -  Eric Johnson

From interview in GuitarWorld magazine

Austin guitar legend Eric Johnson  Photo credit:  Max Crace 

Austin guitar legend Eric Johnson
Photo credit:  Max Crace