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’80s Flashback: MTV Rock Vault, Vol. 2

Rock 'n' roll entered the television mainstream in late 1981 with the launch of the all-music video channel MTV...short, of course, for "Music Television". The cable channel quickly became the hottest marketing platform in the history of popular music...and made stars out of unknown bands virtually overnight. Previously popular radio stars became video superstars...and some, like Michael Jackson, went global on a scale like no one before or since. It was truly a cultural phenomenon that heralded a whole new era for the music industry and, even more significantly, POP CULTURE, as a whole.

Now, the Cactus looks back at that seminal moment in history - and we invite you to join our amazing band - The Rhythm Machine - along with Cactus vocalists Jason Fellers, Avery Guyear, Craig Elliott, Bethany Longoria and Amber Pennington - for this time-trip back to the '80s,

Reserved floor seats $20; standard balcony seats $15. Tickets now on sale!