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'70s Rock Innovators: Tribute to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd & Deep Purple


As the first chapters of rock 'n' roll were being written into history in the late ’60s, a new era of experimental and highly-influential sounds was making its way to the forefront in England.  Among the most prominent in this movement of harder style of music (soon labeled as the first generation of "heavy metal") were Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple - while the group Pink Floyd became known for its more progressive and psychedelic leanings.

The Cactus shines a spotlight on these three pioneering English rock groups in an ALL-NEW tribute that will satisfy fans of all three bands.  From Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" to Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" to Deep Purple's "Smoke On the Water" - there's a lot of territory to mine in this challenging, full-throttle salute to three of the all-time best selling, most influential groups of the genre.

Base price for reserved floor tickets are $20; standard balcony $15; limited box seats $40 (box ticket includes concessions)