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Patty Griffin

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Patty Griffin is renowned for her beautiful, personal, and unpredictable songs. With strong, gutsy vocals, Griffin locates a song's nerve endings and brings listeners into a world steeped in Americana, love, sadness, apparitions, and salt-of-the-earth characters. 
Patty will be releasing her tenth album, Servant of Love, in Europe on September 11 & in the US (and the rest of the world) on September 25. This will be her first release on her new self-owned label imprint in conjunction with Thirty Tigers. It marks the third time she has collaborated with producer Craig Ross.

Over nine albums, Patty Griffin has proven herself a writer of uncommon perception, with a genius for character-driven story-telling. On this, her tenth, she brings that genius to bear on her over-arching themes. As Servant Of Love travels through different musical terrains-folk and blues, rock and jazz, ancient sounds and modern-a spare, organic quality persists. Patterns and reccurence weave through the album in small ways and large: the drone of open tunings, modal riffs and bluesy moves, images of nature. That lonely trumpet. They create a sense of sonic return that buoys Griffin's larger message: Love persists. In the dark, in the mud, in disaster, in the sun, there love is. An elemental force.  

Don't miss this opportunity to experience Patty Griffin LIVE at the Cactus Theater!