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Michael Jackson, Elton John, Prince, and Guns N’ Roses

The Cactus Theater is known for debuting cutting edge upcoming young singers and musicians as they develop their talents right here in Lubbock. Join newcomers Steven Shedd and Corey Godfrey as they pay tribute to Michael Jackson, Elton John, Prince, and Guns N’ Roses! With this show, these two artists are testaments to the Cactus reputation.  With Steven's virtuoso skills on the piano and electrifying vocals, he will only complement the exciting and fine tuned voice of Corey Godfrey.

“The ability of these two fine artists is absolutely breathtaking,” says Don Caldwell. 

Dustin Garrett, the Lubbock Texas Rhythm Machine, fabulous lighting, the best accoustics, and even smoke for effect… it’s all LIVE at the coolest concert venue in West Texas!!